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All in-person registrations include a complimentary dinner at Q1 Skypoint in Surfers Paradise on Thursday, 29 September at 7 PM. Tickets for plus-one guests are available for $100.

LawTech, NewLaw and NetZero: Preparing for an Uncertain Future

28-30 September 2022 | Gold Coast Australia | Live & Online Conference

In person and online registrations include – Wednesday 28th 5:30 PM Welcome PLE Conference and Global Launch of ActiumAI Pty Ltd cocktail party, with special guest Dr Alan D. Thompson. A global expert in artificial intelligence, specializing in the augmentation of human intelligence, and advancing the evolution of ‘integrated AI’. Hosted at Bond University, Gold Coast.

The legal profession is entering uncharted territory. Emergent technologies such as artificial intelligence and digital robotics, new business models, and the impacts of climate change will transform the profession, transform its community interactions, and change the way we practice and teach law.

As legal professionals and legal educators, how do we prepare for this uncertain future and provide our stakeholders with the tools to navigate change? What new models for the delivery of legal services and education will best help us, our students and our communities navigate change? What can the legal profession do differently in response to a vastly different and rapidly changing world?

The CPLE and Actium.AI Pty Ltd are jointly hosting this conference to provide the answers to these and other questions. We invite you to join us as we explore our place in an unknowable future.

ActiumAI Tool Suite

Reduce costs, homogenise workflows, enhance accuracy and boost profitability when working with regulation, compliance, contracts and policy with the ActiumAI robotic automation and artificial intelligence toolset.


Digital legal tools and applications

ArchimediusAI™ provides the digital technology, tools and applications through proprietary & in-licensed cognitive robot technology and integrated in-licensed apps


Litigation finance matching service

LitigusAI™ litigation finance using a proprietary web based matching service app


Secure, encrypted meeting platform

CognitisAI™ provides secure platform for negotiations, shareholder and unit holder meetings, legal strategy discussions, online court proceedings


Organisational design and training

KytheriusAI™ takes the client on the journey through organisational design and training programs to implement its own intelligent transformation satisfying global fiduciary & ISO 37000 standards

Find out more about ActiumAI

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LawTech, NewLaw and NetZero: Preparing for an Uncertain Future

28-30 September 2022 | Gold Coast Australia | Live & Online

We encourage you to attend in person and enjoy the hospitality of the Gold Coast over the long weekend following the conference.

Please book your accommodation early to avoid the school holiday rush.