Founder & Chairman

Inventor, Digital Robot,
Leader AI Applications

Legal Linguistics Engineer

Marketing & Brand,
AI Architecture

Personnel, Operations & Events

Personnel, Operations & Events

Dr. David Millhouse

Founder & Executive Chair

B.Sc.(Hons.), M.B.A, LL.M, Ph.D., FAICD
Honorary Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
Faculty of Law, Bond University

  • A serial entrepreneur in international private equity, venture capital and funds management in Chief Executive and board roles since 1983.
  • PhD in Law from Bond University entitled ‘Systemic and Cyclical Failure in the Australian Financial Products and Financial Services Sectors: Have weaknesses in corporate law contributed to these failures?
  • Scholarly articles published in the Law and Financial Markets Review (‘Empirical analysis supports the Hayne long run reform thesis’ LFMR 13:2-3, 162-187 (2019); ‘From Campbell to Hayne: W[h]ither Australia? Australian financial regulation and supervision at a cross-roads’ LFMR 13:2-3, 81-98 (2019); W[h]ither Australia? Will Parliament Act? LFMR 14(2) 84-101 (2020); Enterprise Governance e-Journal Bond University (2020) (‘Best Interest duties of financial advisers – More law, More confusion’; ‘Directors & Officers – strategic leadership or bondage?’; LegalWise Publishing ‘Using data analytics, Robotic Process Automation, and Artificial Intelligence to meet modern regulatory director responsibilities’; ‘Shareholder Class Action Financing – The Future of Law Reform’; Directors and Officers Fiduciary and Best Interest Duties – Navigating a Legal Minefield’; Bond Law Review (‘Class Action Litigation Financing ― The Future of Law Reform’)
  • Author ‘Corporate Governance in Non-Bank Financial Entities’ published by LexisNexisButterworths in October 2019.
  • Honorary Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Faculty of Law. His research interests include the application of cognitive artificial intelligence (AI) in legal analysis and comparative international law.
  • Experienced at director level in several countries including Australia, Singapore, UK and Germany.

Nate McDonald

Legal Linguistics Engineer

Leader – Artificial Intelligence Initiatives (NLP Robots, Machine Learning, Neural
Networks & Deep Learning)

‘The Rosetta Stone of Law, The Babelfish of Business’ — CEO of the Australian Compliance Institute on Nate McDonald in 2005.

Nate has since presented his legal linguistics insights and robotics automation at law, business, government & defense conferences in America, Europe, the Middle East including the 1339 page UK-EU Brexit Treaty that his robot read and processed in 30 seconds — 2600 pages per minute of processing or 1 billion pages/year.

The 2005 International Plain Legal Language Conference keynote speaker, Lawyer and Barrister, Christopher Balmford described Nate’s tools and robot as ‘the most exciting development in our field at the moment. We may look back and see its development as revolutionary.’

In 2018 former High Court judge, the Honourable Michael Kirby wrote to Nate saying ‘Keep up your engagement in conceptual thought concerning information technology and plain language.’

Dr David Millhouse is excited to have coaxed him to return to Australia to add modern Cloud Computing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence tools to his already impressive robotic processing tools. (RP+ML+AI). David reports ‘You’ll discover that he’s quite the reticent-reluctant-recluse guru. Doesn’t like the spotlight at all. We’re all very lucky to have

Nate is a Legal Linguistics Engineer and now Leader of Artificial Intelligence Initiatives at ActiumAI.

Tony Gavin

Marketing, Brand and AI Architecture

Tony is a serial entrepreneur based between Brisbane, Australia and Clark, Philippines. An accountant by profession, his career spans business advisory, finance, insurance, franchising, marketing and digital publishing.

He is the founder of Hong Kong registered ROI Media Limited (established 2010), which has operating subsidiaries in the Philippines and Australia, employing up to 40 staff. The company owns the Philippines largest online legal directory, Attorneys of the Philippines, as well Australian legal directory OYEZ.COM.AU.

Tony was an early adopter of robotic automation and artificial intelligence for marketing purposes and is ranked amongst the worlds leading influencers for marketing automation. He presently operates syllogistic.AI, a consultancy that assists professional service practices to integrate artificial intelligence and robotic automation into their marketing, sales and other processes. 

He is a co-founder and is Chairman of Philippines based Best Friends Furever Sanctuary, Inc (BFFS), an NGO that provides long-term accommodation and care for senior and special needs animals.

Tony is primarily responsible for brand and marketing. He has also taken an active role in developing the architecture of the Actium.AI suite of solutions.

Rikk Millhouse

Personnel, Operations & Events

Rikk is presently undertaking a degree in Health Sciences at Bond University and has been awarded the Murray Prize for mathematics from the prestigious Bond Business School. He was the 2020 Dux of Bond Business College.

He has an interest in consumer, learning, development and business psychology. He has received training in psychographic profiling and assisted in applying these techniques for the benefit of both employer and employees.

Rikk has worked in a variety of organisations and industries, including with operations in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Singapore and Germany where he was responsible managing multiple time zones, cultures and personalities, international travel and various PR and internal events.

Rikk is an experienced executive able to assist Actium.AI in developing and meeting its human resource needs and the management of geographically diverse personnel with globally recognised skills sets.